We were both born and raised in the area and have chosen our home to be in a small northern community. After graduation from College, Brad pursued a career flying the legendary aircraft of the Canadian North. During the many years and thousands of hours flying over the greatest wilderness on earth, we have chosen to share our passion in an untapped and quality wilderness area – the Heart of Northwestern Ontario – Ignace.

This is more than just a business to us. We love the Canadian Wilderness, to experience the remote beauty that only Northwestern Ontario can provide. As we find time, we enjoy hunting and fishing ourselves so we have a pretty good idea of the quality and service you would like and expect from a fly-in outfitter.

This is not a second career nor a hobby for us. It is our life. We have been at this long enough to see many outfitters come and go. We have been fortunate to be in this industry for over 35 years and owners in Ignace, one of the finest fly in operations, for 31 years.

We have chosen a lifestyle in which we were able to raise our children to appreciate all that Northwestern Ontario offers.  Although our children are grown and on their own, they are building on their experiences of growing up in our industry. Both our daughters and their husbands work in aviation and our son and daughter-in-law in their own businesses! Occasionally they return to visit so our grandchildren are now often seen around the office and docks helping out as they can.