Lakes & Cabins

Flindt Lake

The only cabin on this pristine 3,500 acre northern lake accommodates up to 8 people. This facility has three bedrooms with hot and cold running water and a shower in the cabin. The cabin is set back into a secluded bay overlooking this cold northern lake. A sauna by the water and a screened in fish cleaning house round out the amenities at Flindt Lake.

The Flindt River flows through this lake which is part of the Wabikimi Park.   Flindt Lake offers walleye, and northern in abundance.  There are 5 places on the lake where you can fish walleye in moving water.   Flet Lake is accessible without portage for more walleye and northern action.

Fish Species: Walleye, and Northern.
Lake Info: This lake covers 3500 acres of land and it has no Portage Lakes. On this lake we own 1 cabin. There are also no other outfitters' cabins.
Location: This lake is located approx. 100 miles from the base and is approx. a 60 min. plane ride.
Group Size: This lake has cabins to accommodate groups from 4 up to 8 people.
Activities: Sauna, and Canoe.


Lake 3 Days 4 Days 5 Days 6 Days 7 Days
Flindt Lake $ 1475 $ 1520 $ 1560 $ 1605 $ 1645
* Rates per person in Canadian Dollars.

  • 2018 rates based on a minimum of 4 people/group and 2 people per boat
  • Prices do not include taxes, bait, licenses, food or overload charges.
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