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On Thurs evening Karen and I managed to escape to Flindt Lake with my cousin Bill and his wife Dawn from Las Vegas.  Bill and Dawn were in the area to visit Bill’s dad and to attend Bill Sr.’s 80th birthday party.

Of course, a walleye fish fry was in order and in short order a few walleye were made more.

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Great week

Posted by on Sunday, July 26, 2009 at 7:10 am


Had a great week with the Snapp group again this year…wanted to include a photo of the 44 inch northern pike I snagged on my ultra light spinning reel with 6 pound test line…great fight up on Flindt!!!!  Thanks again for some great fishing.


              Bedford, Indiana


Dave returned from Flindt Lake on Friday and sent this more.

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Don’t feed the bears

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OK so this was photo shopped a little. The message remains however. Bears are not usually a problem around our camps but if they are fed, they come back. When they come back they begin to be a problem.

Keeping garbage bagged and in the shed, keeping used fish oil in a sealed container inside the cabin, more.

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Flindt in the rain

Posted by on Friday, July 17, 2009 at 8:17 am

We haven’t had much for summer weather yet and we are already half way through July. Temps remain below normal and rain gear sales are likely high at the sports stores.

The walleye don’t mind a little water. It seems to be their preferred environment. We however have to dress for the weather. Fishing reports remain great on all more.

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Not like Australia

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hyundai 001

Paul moved to Canada from Australia and finds a little R&R on Flindt Lake is like nothing at home. 

Even during the “rainy season” which incidentally has been most of this summer, the walleye like to entertain.  G’day mate!  Cricky, another too big for the barby. more.
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past and present

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Flindt Lake cabin in it’s pre 1996 days.

In years gone by, a cabin was just a roof over your head. One room, bunks along the wall, mice for room mates, stuffy, mosquitoes travelling through the wall at will, and a hot plate for cooking was the order of the day.

Flindt lake was one of more.

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Our Jewel – Flindt Lake

Posted by on Thursday, January 8, 2009 at 8:52 am

The Flindt River flows through this lake which is part of the Wabikimi park. Flindt Lake offers WALLEYE , and NORTHERN in abundance and could easily be considered one of the premiere fast water fishing lakes in the area.

Flindt, as part of the Flindt River, offers exciting walleye fishing as can be expected on more.
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Top 8 reasons to fish Ignace Outposts

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8) Flindt Lake7) Kawaweogama Lake6) Seseganaga Lake5) Hilltop Lake4) Metionga Lake3) Tri Lake2) Gamble Lake1) Irene Lake

Ready for pan! more.
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