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If you look closely on the rock, there is a Native rock painting (pictograph) of what appears to be a moose.  This site near our cabin on Metionga Lake indicates there where folks plying these waters many, many years before us.   I wonder what the fishing was like then. I suspect it was as fabulous then as it more.

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A little R&R

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Wisconsin Dells is known as a great vacation destination. The resorts there are fantastic and draw folks from all over the world. But, the big question is “where would someone from the Dells go to vacation?’ I know where they go. Metionga Lake is as fine a destination as there is. Pete and Tom leave the Dells each year with a crew more.

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Rain?… What rain?

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When fishing is this good, who cares about the weather. Frank Kapple and his son endure a little rain to catch and release a nice Northern Pike on Metionga Lake.

We’ve had a lot of cold and rainy days so far this season but it seems the fish don’t really care how wet it is. Without a doubt, more.

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John is in Metionga

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Finally, after several days of bad weather, we managed to get John in to Metionga Lake.  As our camp attendant there, he will have his hands full since our first groups arrive in the morning. 

Boats need to be readied, cabins cleaned, water systems turned on, etc,etc. I am sending him some help tomorrow for a couple of days. more.

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Famous Metionga Lake

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This lake offers 10,000 acres of walleye and northern fishing on the famed Brightsand river system.

Just search this blog for some fishing results from Metionga.

There are 4 lakes to fish, three of which do not have cabins on them. River fishing, flats fishing and structure fishing more.
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Through the eyes of a child

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For those who think an Ignace Outposts trip is nothing more than fishing.

The Holzer family from Wisconsin have vacationed with us for many years. This fall, after their August family trip, Amy, their 10 year old daughter (5th grade) wrote the following piece for a school project on descriptive writing about her favorite place.

It is interesting more.

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Don’t take my word for it.

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Going Fishing TV is one of Canada’s top rated fishing shows. “Cronzy”, the host, visited us 3 summers ago and he still talks about Metionga Lake . This from a man who has fished most every corner of Canada.

In Cronzy’s 2008 newsletter , he says “If had one lake to own in all the north or one lake to have a wilderness cottage on, it more.

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Top 8 reasons to fish Ignace Outposts

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8) Flindt Lake7) Kawaweogama Lake6) Seseganaga Lake5) Hilltop Lake4) Metionga Lake3) Tri Lake2) Gamble Lake1) Irene Lake

Ready for pan! more.
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