An Ignace Airways float plane can take you to many beautiful, isolated locations but one of the most popular is White Otter Castle. This historic building was built by one very diligent Scottish immigrant, Jimmy McQuat (pronounced ma-koo-it) in the early 1900’s. It is only accessible by water or air (and snow machine in the winter). The site is part of the Turtle River Wilderness Park. The building has been refurbished over the years and you can climb the tower for a magnificent view of one of the area’s most beautiful lakes.

2022 Castle Tours include seaplane flight to and from the site plus a 30 minute wait:
Beaver – $550 for 4 passengers
Otter – $800 for up to 8 passengers
Rates are in Canadian Dollars and subject to 13% tax.

To inquire about a flight to White Otter Castle or any other area site, call us at 1-807-934-2273 or email: [email protected]

A 20 minute documentary about the Castle can be viewed below.