Beer batter

Posted by on Monday, January 19, 2015 at 6:29 am

Yes I do cook and have cooked a fair bit of fish.  When on the lake, shorelunch is one of the best places on earth to prepare and eat fresh walleye or northern.  I am often asked how I do my beer batter.  Here is my secret.
When I do beer batter the secret to a light batter is lots of beer. Not necessarily for the cook but in with some Complete pancake mix. When mixing the batter, I add a couple of squirts of yellow mustard.   I like to dip a fillet in the batter and if it doesn’t run off freely it is too thick and more beer is required. Also as time goes on while cooking, the batter thinkens so it may need a bit more beer to remain the right consistancy. After I dip the fish in the batter, I roll the fillet in bread crumbs.  Then it hits the oil.  Cook til golden brown and stand out of the way as the eaters do their thing.

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