Once you have reserved your cabin with a deposit, the planning can begin. We decided to put all the information we could think you might need into a handbook which you can download. Ignace Outposts Trip Planning Handbook We update the document annually to keep it as relevant as possible.

We no longer sell angling licences in our office. You may purchase them directly from the Ontario Outdoors Card website or at a local bait shop. If you already have an Outdoors Card, input the number online or present it to the seller when purchasing tags for the current season. It is your profile identifier. The card is valid for 3 years at a time.

Boaters in Canada are to have a certificate indicating proof of competency to operate a boat.  See Transport Canada Regulations. Most jurisdictions offer one time certification of some sort. You can take the Canadian Boater’s certificate online at BoaterExam.com or the US Power Squadron version on their site. We encourage obtain a boater’s certificate but if you arrive without one, we can issue you a temporary proof of competency document. There is no cost to you and it only takes a few moments.  The only drawback for this method of compliance is that the certificate is only good for the duration of your visit and you’ll require another one when you return.

When you are considering what to pack, we recommend you consult the Guest Handbook mentioned above and also review information on our Floatplane Safety page.