Assigning the jobs

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Every group should have some kind of leader.  This applies to groups a small as 2 right on up to the size of a country.  Determining a group leader can be as simple as marrying one, enduring a drawn out election every four years or as may happen when no one is happy , instigating a revolt.  How a group more.


A thank you note

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Ignace Air and Ouposts

October 5, 2009

Hello Brad and Karen,

Just a note to say thank you.

Our trip into Metionga this year was again exceptional. Your hospitality and friendship are deeply appreciated by our annual fly in gang. This as you know was our 6th annual visit to one of your outposts and we are looking forward more.

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Summer over?

Posted by on Tuesday, September 29, 2009 at 7:46 am

Last week, basically the last several weeks since the beginning of Sept, we’ve had beautiful weather. That ended yesterday. We had a large low pressure system go by which caused high winds and lots of rain.A cold front has followed. The temperatures have dropped to freezing and at the moment we are waiting for the ice to melt off the more.

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Nature’s Vacuum Cleaners

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It doesn’t take long for a few seagulls to make short work of a pile of fish offal.  At all our camps we have a designated spot for dumping fish guts – and only fish guts.  Seagulls, eagles, martin, mink, turkey vultures, and who knows what else will feast until the remains no longer remain.

Letting the more.