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No need to photoshop or stretch this one.  There is nothing worse than seeing a 30 incher described as a 40 incher. 

For those who think you need to go to Northern Saskatchewan for lunkers, here is a 50 inch Northern caught and live released on Dove Lake a portage lake off Metionga Lake.

The photo op

Northern Pike Dove

The release

Release 50 incher

It happens that this is my 600th blog post.  I can’t think of a better topic than catching a releasing such a fish.    Jeff and his dad have been making the trek to Metionga Lake from Minnesota for several years.  No doubt this trip will provide dinner table talk for many years to come.

I would never tell anyone that they are guaranteed to catch a fish like this but it is great to positively say great fish are still in these lakes. And you can have a chance to catch it or one similar yourself.

My personal advice; skinny dip (or chunky dunk) at your own risk in an Ignace Outposts Lake.

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