A step back in Time

Posted by on Wednesday, April 15, 2009 at 7:17 am

I’ve been asked several times to post about some of the history of Ignace Airways and Ignace Outposts.  Here is one of hopefully many trips down memory lane. 

When we arrived in Ignace 24 years ago, we were not only welcomed by some the best fishing in the country but we also inherited an unique piece of history.  This little vehicle was affectionately called “doc buggy”.  It’s life mission was to transport gear from the parking lot to the aircraft.  It was a cut off 1965 Ford Econoline Pickup truck.  It was not a van – never was. 


According to local lore, it was purchased new by a previous owner of Ignace Airways and met up with a moose on the highway shortly after being purchased.  Of course it did not fair well in the collision.  Rather than scrap the buggy, the cab was cut off and it became a great convenience to move gear up and down the dock.  The back end could carry as much as an Otter and it was low enough to fit under the wing of a Cessna. 

We kept the little buggy going for about 10 years (til the mid 90s) when after about a 30 year career it was retired.

Many of our long time guests fondly remember loading their gear into “Doc Buggy” before and after their trip to one of our fine fishing lakes. 

“Doc Buggy” may be retired but it’s role in providing assistance to our fisher and hunter guests is still almost legendary.

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