Posted by on Friday, August 27, 2010 at 6:36 am


The stars must have lined up perfectly.  I was able to go fishing again on the weekend.  Mike and Care were visiting with our little Granddaughter and Jo and her boyfriend Dean were here as well.  Mike and I took Dean  for a little walleye experience.  There was room on the plane when I dropped off a group at Metionga Lake on Sunday so Mike and Dean jumped on board.

Dean is from Newfoundland and is very familiar with fishing – cod, lobster, salmon, mussels and other saltwater fare.  Admittedly, his walleye experience was embarrassingly limited.  As evident in the picture, it wasn’t a great walleye day – no wind and very sunny – but even midday Mike and I were able to add walleye to Dean’s favorite fish list.

Dean 10