Always something to do

Posted by on Saturday, July 5, 2008 at 6:19 am

July 4th was a holiday for most of North America. Here at Ignace Outposts, holidays don’t come in the summer. There is always work to do. On Friday, even tho’ we had a slow day for flying, everybody kept busy. In a small company as ours, everyone is flexible in getting things done. Job titles mean little around here.

Marcel (Aircraft Maintenance Engineer and Pilot) and Derek (206 pilot) worked on leveling our main dock. Last winter the ice put a large heave in the dock which made almost 1/2 of it unusable. D and M Engineering managed to put things straight.

Meanwhile, Randy and Brad also wear different hats now and then. Randy is not only Chief Pilot, but he handles the lawn mower rather well. Brad (Chief Executive Officer of Dock Operations and all round great guy) whipper snipped the long grass and tidied up the yard edges.

Karen (the real boss) kept at the paper work getting bills paid and popped her head outside long enough to ensure Randy and Brad didn’t cut down her newly planted baby Red Pines.

I also have reliable word that Joe at Seseganaga is working on Seseganaga Power Generation (solar light systems) and John at Metionga is working at Metionga Lake Heating and Plumbing (installing new chimney pipes)

All in a days’ work.

Now back to the flying.