Can’t Fight Mother Nature

Posted by on Friday, May 30, 2008 at 5:19 pm

Today was one of those days! Woke to pouring rain and a yard full of eager fishermen. A quick check of the weather indicated no improvement until at least lunch. So we wait.
Just around noon the weather lifted and the aircraft were off. 1 and 1/2 hours is all we need to turn around Seseganaga and Metionga trips. About 1 hour and twenty minutes later, the temperature fell and the fog dropped in very quickly. Both the Beaver and Otter had to land on Sowden Lake. Sowden is less than 10 minutes by air and just over an hour by bush/logging road. With 10 guys and two pilots optioning to sleep in the De Havilland hotels, I jumped into the Suburban with a trailer and hired our local Taxi van to head out to pick up the stranded pilots and passengers. A couple of hours later after navigating muddy grease like roads, everybody is back in Ignace and most are on their way home. Unfortunately half a party is still at Seseganaga lake for the night. Needless to say, we won’t get our work done today, but there is always tomorrow. Pushing the weather is not worth it. I like to tell those who get too anxious, that “it is always better being down here wishing you where up there, than being up there wishing you were down here.”
Frank Kapple one of the fishermen returning from Sowden with me in the Suburban did comment that in his 50 years of coming to Canada fishing (over 40 times/years with Ignace Airways and Outposts) he thinks the fishing is better now than it ever has been. Maybe putting the big ones back really does make a difference.
We did spot 2 moose and 2 bear on the drive from Sowden.
Oh the life of an outfitter!

“I am jealous of the life I am supposed to be living.”