First Fish!

Posted by on Friday, September 5, 2008 at 7:25 am

The Adventure Continues.

Our daughter is still visiting from Vancouver with our two grandsons. Zachary (3 1/2) has been wanting to go fishing with Papa. And why not, we live on a lake and are tourist outfitters by profession.

Last evening Mike, Zach and I went out in front of the house for a few minutes.

Zachary had his own special Minnow courtesy of Verns Minnows, his own rod and more excitement than I could have imagined.

After bringing up some “salad” Zach’s little rod began to pull back. Not knowing what was happening , he handed the rod off to Uncle Mike who gave it back to him and coached him through landing and holding his first walleye.

Considering this is a kid who lives on the west coast and has seen whales up close, he was quite thrilled with his “big” fish.

His comment after releasing the fish:

“He’s going to get bigger, eh papa?”

“I want to tell mommy I caught salad and a fish bigger than yours.”

“I Loooove fishing!”

Waiting for the hit

Fish on!

Look papa!

It’s not so bad to hold.

Congratulations Zachary.

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