Fish Identification

Posted by on Monday, February 13, 2012 at 8:39 am

I know that many of our guests start planning their fishing trip with us early.  In fact I think some don’t stop planning from year to year.  The next year is planned before the current year is complete.  I like that way of thinking. 

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Here is a link to a fish identification document.  It is time to start studying the differences between some of the fish we have available in Ontario.  Most of our lakes feature walleye and northern.  But do you know the difference between a walleye and a sauger?  Can you identify a whitefish from a cisco if you catch one on Seseganaga Lake or Irene Lake?  How about a burbot?  They are edible and they are in our lakes. 

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We have no test on fish identification, however we do expect that our fishermen can identify their catch if for no other reason than to brag about the biggest.  Boasting of a 48 inch walleye just doesn’t cut it around here.  Neither do tales of having to get the guys together to vote on whether the catch is a trout or a northern.