Great time away

Posted by on Saturday, September 6, 2008 at 7:59 am

A few days ago, I had the chance to do what I encourage every father to do.

Go fishing with your son.

In honor of Mike turning 25 and me blasting through 50 (both events later this month) Mike and I escaped for one night to paint a floor, install a new fridge, shovel out an ice house, and do a few other odds and ends at Hilltop lake between groups.

We worked hard to maximize some time in order to spend a few hours testing our walleye retrieval skills.

This walleye was typical of the many we caught and released. Not being too competitive, we didn’t really keep official count but for some reason we did both have a number in mind as to what the other had caught.

It is an amazing phenomenon when the relationship with your son changes from being a nurturing authority figure to one of friendship. We talked, laughed, reminisced and otherwise strengthened an already great relationship. Two good friends fishing, it can’t get any better.

Our only regret, is that the trip wasn’t long enough. It’s hard to believe but after being in this business for going on 24 years, I’ve never spent more than 3 consecutive nights in the bush.

… someday

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