How to Book a trip with Ignace Outposts

Posted by on Tuesday, April 29, 2008 at 8:29 am

Today we are running our first aircraft. Not flying yet, we need ice out for that, but we are test running in the yard. Nothing signals spring in Ignace like the sound of an aircraft engine running.

To begin your adventure with Ignace Outposts the process is simple. First, consult with us by phone (807-934-2273) or email to determine if your first choice of dates and lake/ cabin is available. Keep in mind, we offer several species of fish on several lakes. There is no “best lake” since your standard of “best” may vary from mine. Let us help you make the choice to suit your angling desires. Many prime time weeks and cabins book quickly as guests make reservations for the following years immediately following their trip.

Next, confirm the options with your crew or if you have their blessing already, get penciled into a date. We must have a deposit within 10 days to confirm you trip. You can give us a credit card or get a check in the mail right away. Once your deposit is received, you will receive a written confirmation either by email or snail mail. You can then begin packing and repacking your gear. Don’t hesitate to contact us as the trip approaches. Be sure to send us your beverage order (beer, pop, and water) so we can try to get in into camp ahead of you and help with your weight planning.

We have a great guest planning handbook available on our web site in pdf format. After almost a quarter century in the business we’ve heard most of the questions involved in planning a trip like this, so we prepared this guide to help save you time. If you have a question not addressed in our handbook, we are always willing to answer the questions we are able to help make your trip the best. If it is something others will appreciate too, we may add a chapter to our guide.

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