July at Seseganaga

Posted by on Thursday, July 31, 2008 at 12:05 pm

Many folks shy away from July fishing figuring they can do better in June or Sept. Bob Olson and his crew from Chicago have been coming to Seseganaga Lake every July for over a decade. They can attest that not only is the weather generally more stable and bugs less, the fishing is nothing short of phenomenal.

The third week in July at our West Bay cabin is written in ink for the Olson Party.
No wonder why.

Bob Olson and just another northern on Ses.

Joe Valdez and a nice walleye

Joe handles the northern well too!

Bob inviting a walleye for lunch

Not quite the largest northern of the trip. Wait til you see Larry’s fish tomorrow!

On some lakes, July fishing like this is unheard of. On Seseganaga, it is the norm!

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