More than catching

Posted by on Saturday, July 7, 2012 at 6:02 am


Some days you just want to go fishing.  When the urge comes, there is no better place than a fly in outpost… eh Joe?  Early July is still a good time to get away!

Irene Lake is a lake close to Ignace so the cost is reasonable.  The lake offers 5 species and an amazing place to relax and unwind.  Joe has been to all our cabins over the years and returns time and time again to learn new things about lakes he has fished before. 

We have two facilities on Irene Lake which both offer seclusion as well as beautiful views.  Sometimes the walleye are fast and furious (good size too) and other times the smallies are the prey of choice. lake trout, northern pike and whitefish also challenge the angler.

We like to say that there is so much more to a fly in fishing trip than just the catching of fish.  That is a big part no doubt, but experiencing the peace and quiet of nature along with good friends without the distraction of cellphones, computers, TV, etc is a good reason by itself to try it.