New Shoes

Posted by on Wednesday, February 22, 2012 at 9:28 am

Every once in a while everybody likes a new set of shoes.  I am sure that even an airplane feels a little better about itself with new shoes.

Photo 2012-02-20 10 34 32 

Monday, while on the way back from the sport show in Wausau I veered by Minneapolis and picked up some “new shoes” for our Cessna.  Actually they are not brand new but they will certainly be an improvement over the old ones.   This was not an impulse purchase.  The Cessna floats needed some work on the bottoms (years of flying off and onto northern lakes can take its toll) and we felt this was a good way to upgrade the Cessna shoes.  We will see if they are “run faster, jump higher” types like the old 60’s TV commercials.

Photo 2012-02-20 10 34 02

We seem to never stop trying to improve our business.  Updating cabins, boats, motors, and aircraft is one of the behind the scenes things that many only see the results of.  To us it is an investment in our effort to be leaders of the pack.