Something to think about

Posted by on Wednesday, June 10, 2009 at 7:46 am

While in the outpost camp, many guests like to cook their fish with oil.  There are a few considerations when doing this. 

Most important is safety.  Please do not deep fry with oil inside the cabin.  Always have a pot lid or something to smother a fire if the situation arises.  And keep in mind, hot oil and water do not mix.  Water is heavier than oil and when tossed into hot oil immediately sinks and vaporizes which then causes an explosion.

This is a dramatic video to watch but shows how simply an oil fire can be extinguished as well has how dangerous an oil fire can be. 

The lid of the pot will work very well to extinguish the fire as well.  Please be careful when cooking with oil and always be prepared.

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