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Seseganaga Lake Cabin 1

We refer to this cabin as West Bay.  The cabin is on a small sand beach and has a sauna and screened in fish house near the water.  West Bay is 3 bedrooms and has beds for 12.  It is located about 2 miles from the other cabins.

Fish Species: Walleye, Northern, and Lake Trout.
Lake Info: This lake covers 30000 acres of land and it has no Portage Lakes. On this lake we own 4 cabins. There are also 3 other cabins.
Location: This cabin is located approx. 75 miles from the base and is approx. a 45 min. plane ride.
Group Size: This cabin can accommodate groups from 6 up to 12 people.
Activities: Beach, and Sauna.


Lake 3 Days 4 Days 5 Days 6 Days 7 Days
Seseganaga Lake Cabin 1 $ 1440 $ 1485 $ 1525 $ 1570 $ 1615
* Rates per person in Canadian Dollars.

  • 2018 rates based on a minimum of 4 people/group and 2 people per boat
  • Prices do not include taxes, bait, licenses, food or overload charges.
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