Do you have any suggestions for trip planning?

 We developed a handbook to help you plan your trip.  Check out our trip planning handbook.  There are a lot of tips and ideas in this booklet.  Download it and print it.  You'll likely wear out the pages.

Is this experience for men only?

Definitely not! Families constitute a good part of our summer business. Bringing the kids on a Fly-In wilderness experience is a fun and exciting way to spend a vacation. Theme parks and crowded parks can't compare to the family bonding you experience on a remote trip. We also see many groups of couples taking advantage of our packages. Our facilities have been equipped and designed (bedrooms and double beds, showers, screen porch etc.) with couples in mind. We have even seen groups of only women. And by the way, one of the largest moose taken in at Ignace Outposts was by a woman.

What if I don't like to fish or hunt?

Enjoying the remote wilderness is not contingent on fishing and hunting. We have canoes at our camps and exploring the shore line, viewing wildlife (moose, bear, eagles, owls, caribou, beavers etc.) and picking berries are all part of the experience. Bring a few good books and some suntan lotion and take advantage of the solitude and peace of nature at its best. Some of our camps have Native artifacts to discover, rock paintings to explore and rock formations unique to the area to enjoy. Try your hand at wilderness photography or write a book. The options are endless.

How big are the fish?

The fish located on remote Fly-In lakes are generally larger and more plentiful than "drive to" lakes. Since 1985 when we arrived in Ignace the following are some of the largest live released fish (we don't count those kept) and the averages in our lakes:

Species Largest Average
Walleye 14.5lb (34.5in) 2-2.5lb (18-20in)
Northern Pike 40lb (52in) 5-7lb (26-30in)
Lake Trout 25lb (42in) 3-8lb (20-30in)
Smallmouth 6lb (24in) 2-3lb (17in)

What about mid summer fishing?

Fantastic! All our camps are in the Arctic water shed and the waters flow north and stay cold all summer. We see some of our best fishing (size and numbers) in July and August. Weather is great (I've never seen snow here in July) and bugs are almost non existent. Except for September, this is my personal favorite time to be in the bush.

Why should I choose Ignace Outposts and Airways?

This is a loaded question. Essentially, We can do little about weather and fishing. We can however, control such things as service, equipment, and facilities. You have our assurance that we will provide you with the Best Personal Service (remember the pilots work for us and this is not a hobby but a business for us), absolutely Functional and Well Equipped Facilities (we are leaders in our industry in well maintained and comfortable cabins - even my mother enjoys the facilities at Ignace Outposts), and Reliable and Safe Equipment (our motors run and if there is a problem we always have spare equipment at the camps). Everyone from ourselves to the dock hands know that your vacation time is important and we pledge to give you the type of service, equipment and facilities we would enjoy ourselves.

Are the bugs bad?

We are fortunate that bugs in our area fall dead with one shotgun blast to their livers. Seriously, May and June are the bug months here and good insect repellent mitigates much of the bug problems. We have screened windows at all camps and most camps have screen porches. At most locations we have screened fish cleaning houses. Pic coils work well in the cabin. July, August and September are good months to avoid the bugs. I'm not saying you'll not see any, remember you are going into their domain, but they are quite tolerable. Blackflies don't fly after dark and if you learn the "Ignace Duck" you can easily pass off your own bugs on your neighbor. When you arrive be sure to ask about the Ignace Duck.

Where are you located?

We are located in the heart of Northwestern Ontario. Ignace is a small town 150 miles west of Thunder Bay, right on the trans-Canada highway. From International Falls MN, we are 180 miles NE by road. In essence, we are an easy day's drive from Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis or Des Moines. From Ignace, our fly in camps range from 25 to 100 miles (10 minutes to 1 hour) by air. Most of our camps are North East of Ignace on the famous Alanwater, Brightsand and Flindt river systems. To fly to us, Dryden (60 miles away) is the nearest commercial airport and we can arrange to meet you there and bring you to Ignace (for a small fee). Thunder Bay (150 miles away) is the nearest airport served by a major airline. There are daily nonstop flights to Chicago, Toronto and Winnipeg. We can help with flight info.  If you fly to Thunder Bay, the best way to Ignace is to rent a van or other vehicle. If you fly yourself or charter a flight, you can fly directly to Ignace (ZUC) and we will pick you up there (no charge). Our yard is fenced and secure so you need not be afraid to leave your vehicles here.

Can we fish in bad weather?

Fish like water and it doesn't matter to them if it is raining. Sometimes the best fishing is in the rain, so bring rain gear. In the unlikely event it is too cold and rainy to fish, bring a deck of cards and stay warm in the cabin. Be aware that Thunder Storms can be dangerous and it is best to head off the lake when they are in the area.