Treble Trouble

Posted by on Friday, June 1, 2018 at 10:27 am

Catch and release has been our policy with fish for many years. Keep some small ones to eat and release the big ones.

To facilitate catch and release we suggest you remove the barbs off your hooks. You may miss the odd fish but the fish you do catch to release will certainly thank you in their fish kind of way by growing larger and producing more offspring.

An added benefit of removing (filing down or pinching down) the barb on your hook is the ease of releasing your own left hand from a hook. Even those who can endure a minor impalement would wince a lot less if the barb was not on the hook to facilitate removal. Consider it the ultimate catch and release when your own flesh gives up a fish hook with minimal profanity being considered. Two things are then accomplished. Firstly, your fishing partner(s) do not need to take time out of their well deserved fishing trip (imagine their decision making process if the walleye are on a feeding frenzy) and secondly, it is less likely your situation becomes a blog post.