The safety of our passengers and crew is our foremost concern. We sincerely want to get you to your destination on time, but we will not sacrifice safety to do so. We will wait for weather, weigh loads, make sure the aircraft is loaded correctly and we will insure dangerous goods are shipped properly. To help us ensure your Ignace Airways experience is enjoyable and safe, we encourage you to read and understand our safety advice.

dressed-for-survivalDress for your flight.

We understand you are likely on vacation but please consider the remoteness of where we operate. While delays or problems are rare, passengers should be prepared to spend a few hours outside in the event that a flight is interrupted due to a significant weather delay, mechanical problem, etc. Short pants and flip flops may be great to fish or drive in, but consider the inconvenience of this attire if by some unforeseen event; the aircraft has to land on a remote lake for a few hours. We will, if necessary deny boarding to a passenger whose clothing may put them in an unsafe situation.

Transport Canada regulates aviation in Canada. Here is their float plane safety pamphlet.

Floatplane Safety

Under Water emergency egress.

Being prepared in the event of a water upset in an aircraft is wise. Here is a link to things to be aware of in the event of emergency egress from a float plane.

The key items are

  1. Stay Calm/ Wait for the motion to stop
  2. Open/Identify Your Exit
  3. Grab Hold of Reference Point
  4. Release Your Seat Belt/Harness
  5. Pull Yourself Out

Some things were never meant to fly!

Ignace Airways accepts dangerous goods on board with several restrictions. It is best to call ahead if you will be transporting dangerous goods (or are unsure if you are) for more information and instructions on packaging. The obligation is not for us to guess what you might have. Legally you must declare any restricted or prohibited items.

Some common items that are subject to restrictions are: Gasoline, propane, strike  anywhere matches, lead  acid  batteries, aerosol  cans, bear  spray, white  gas/naphtha  gas  lanterns, medical oxygen, dry ice, inflatable lifejackets, ammunition, alcohol, electronics with lithium-ion batteries, high-power spotlights, motors (outboards, chainsaws, etc.)

For more information about prohibited items, visit the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority website.