Lakes & Cabins

Tri Lake

This cabin is located on an unnamed lake north of Tri Lake. These smaller lakes, absolutely secluded, are accessible from the cabin providing an adventurous solitude and great fishing opportunity. We generally will not book a group larger than 4 in this cabin unless it is a family group or a group of couples.

The cabin is fully modern with shower, a deck on both sides, a sauna and it majestically sits between two lakes. Wildlife observation can be a major part of this experience with a great potential to view animals and birds in their own undisturbed domain.

Walleye and Northern abound!

Fish Species: Walleye, and Northern.
Lake Info: This lake covers 1800 acres of land and it has 1 Portage Lake. On this lake we own 1 cabin. There are also no other outfitters' cabins.
Location: This lake is located approx. 25 miles from the base and is approx. a 25 min. plane ride.
Group Size: This lake has cabins to accommodate groups from 2 up to 4 people.
Activities: Sauna, and Canoe.