Planning your trip

Posted by on Sunday, May 11, 2008 at 11:18 am

There are many things that you may want in the bush and a few that you must have. Since we’ve asked our guests to lighten their loads to save on overload charges, we want to remind you not to forget, besides your fishing gear, a good first aid kit. This can be a group item so you really only need one. I have put a few ideas together to help you prepare this kit.

A good First Aid Kit is something every fishing group should have.

Some items to consider:

Hydrogen peroxide to clean wounds

Sterile Gauze and sterile ointment

Steri-strips to use in lieu of stitches

An eye cup, sterile rinse and ointment for eye related injuries

Pain Killers

Antacid for stomach disorders

Laxative and antidiarreal

Antihistamine, in case someone reacts to food or an insect bite

Toothache gel

Tweezers and scissors and pliers (quality ones)

First aid manual

Suntan lotion

Solarcaine or similar for sunburn

Anti-itch cream

Others things which may be required for personal needs

Pack these items in a small tackle box or something similar. Assign someone in the group to be responsible for the kit and that every one knows where it is. Tape a contents list on the inside of the lid. You may want to indicate what some items are used for. The best situation is to ensure someone in the group has a current first aid certificate.

Please ensure everyone in the group has their own personal medication including things like antacid, aspirin and especially prescription medicines. We do not have a pharmacy in Ignace, so please be sure you have all your prescription medication before you go into the bush. Extra medicine is advisable in the event there is a delay in getting out of the bush. If someone in the group has a particular condition such as diabetes or a heart condition, another person in the group should be instructed in the proper method of administrating medication, in the event the person becomes incapacitated.

No one plans to have an emergency, but it is best to be prepared. When on a fly in, help may be a far bit away.