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If you look closely on the rock, there is a Native rock painting (pictograph) of what appears to be a moose.  This site near our cabin on Metionga Lake indicates there where folks plying these waters many, many years before us.   I wonder what the fishing was like then. I suspect it was as fabulous then as it more.

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past and present

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Flindt Lake cabin in it’s pre 1996 days.

In years gone by, a cabin was just a roof over your head. One room, bunks along the wall, mice for room mates, stuffy, mosquitoes travelling through the wall at will, and a hot plate for cooking was the order of the day.

Flindt lake was one of more.

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A step back in Time

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I’ve been asked several times to post about some of the history of Ignace Airways and Ignace Outposts.  Here is one of hopefully many trips down memory lane. 

When we arrived in Ignace 24 years ago, we were not only welcomed by some the best fishing in the country but we also inherited an unique piece of history.  This more.

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Norseman – from Ignace to Calgary

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While in Calgary last week, I stopped by the Petro Canada Tower.  This is the tallest building in Calgary and the head offices of Petro Canada.  Hanging in the lobby is a Norseman aircraft.  In it self this is impressive but there is an Ignace Airways connection.  This aircraft was operated by Ignace Airways in the late 70’s and early more.

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A view back in time

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About 20 years ago this was one of our finest cabins. Today it is a shed. For those who may not recognize this cabin, it is on Seseganaga Lake. It is the old cabin 2. In its day, it was state of the art. It was one big room, 8 beds in the back half and kitchen eating area in more.

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