The Bright Side

Posted by on Monday, March 3, 2014 at 8:43 am

This has been a brutally cold and long winter.  The media has in their zeal of naming winter storms, now come up with something to call the weather when it is not a storm.  They have invented the term “polar vortex”.  I guess it sound ominous enough to have more viewers tune in but to those of us who live in the midst of this seasonal cold, we call it “winter”.  Always have and always will.  This time of year sends many, who are tired of complaining, running south to bask in the sand and surf or to even somehow enjoy the desert.  

It is cold and snowy this time of year.  And such is life in Northwestern Ontario.  Our chief pilot Randy tells me there is a bright side however.  He says he hasn’t seen a mosquito for weeks now.