No Net Northern

Posted by on Tuesday, June 16, 2015 at 12:19 pm


Great catch and story to go with it:

“Our group of four loaded up our gear and went out on Little Metionga at the top of the falls.  No sooner did we get there, we started catching fish nearly every cast.  All of a sudden Zach has a large northern pike on and screams to Derek “Get the Net” “Get the Net”.  At the same time Derek realizes they forgot to bring the net, he hooks into the 2nd northern.  Now both parties are at all-out battle with the two mid 30 inch range northern pike.  Fortunately myself and my boat partner Jake were within a stone’s throw of where Derek and Zach were fishing, so Jake drove me over to their boat and I jumped in.  Then pure chaos ensued as I netted both pike in the same landing net.  Then we had two huge northern pike doing the classic “spin move” in the same net.  We got it all sorted out and nobody forgot the net the rest of the trip.”