Burnt Almond Encrusted Lake Trout

Posted by on Tuesday, June 24, 2008 at 3:02 pm

One of the best parts of fishing is eating your catch.Hunting and gathering quickly translates to cooking and eating.Last week I managed a couple of trout in the creel while doing camp checks.See Wed June 18.Actually, Al caught the fish while I performed admirably as guide and boat operator.


We agreed to postpone the eating until Karen was back from Vancouver when we could share our bounty with our wives and show off a bit of our expertise.Al reminded me that he had completed his expertise in the harvesting of trout so it was my expertise on the line in the cooking.


I like to experiment.I saw a recipe for some pumpkin seed encrusted rainbow trout and I adapted it to a “Burnt Almond Encrusted Lake Trout.Needless to say my expertise is still in tact.


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