Cooking steak

Posted by on Monday, March 2, 2015 at 6:43 am

Every one of our camps has a BBQ or two. They all have gas grills and good old style wood or charcoal grills. Steak, in my opinion, tastes best when done on wood or charcoal. The problem with most urban outdoor cooks is a lack of patience. When cooking with wood or charcoal patience is key, especially while waiting for the grill to get hot. A good bed of coals is important and this does not happen instantly. Many are accustomed to turning the knob, hitting the igniters and throwing the steak on. Lighting wood or charcoal and then waiting gives ample time for a cocktail and a little lie telling about the day. Take your time. And as I have often said about outdoor cooking, “Never admit anything, and never apologize”.
When cooking the steaks remember the different preferences of the eaters. Generally even the most inexperienced cook can justify a mistake between “rare” and “medium rare” or “medium” and “medium well” but there is no excuse for “Really!” or the worst possible, “What have you done!”