Posted by on Monday, May 18, 2009 at 7:25 am

Catching walleye in our lakes is never difficult.  In fact on opening weekend, it amazes me that a camp could be vacant.  In any case, setting up a camp after the opening of walleye sometimes offers the opportunity to research our product and develop new techniques.  It also seems to produce more folks who like to help with the chores.

The best part of my job is Research and Development. On Sunday Karen and I with our son and his wife started work on setting up a camp on Seseganaga as well as Hilltop.  While at Hilltop Lake we took a small break.  Not only did we have a little R&D to work on, we have a new pilot who needed to be fully trained in all aspects of our business.

An hour or so out of my day is not a burden.

The outcome of our R&D was a nice feed of fresh walleye.  I also discovered a new ingredient for cooking walleye that will now be regularly found in my mess kit.


Try some Japanese Bread crumbs mixed in with your breading.  These crumbs add a nice crunchy texture.

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