Popcorn Walleye

Posted by on Friday, May 9, 2014 at 9:07 am

One week today, May 16 is equivalent to Christmas Eve to an Ontario angler.  Walleye season opens on May 17 this year and even though we are not sure ice will be out, we can always be optimistic.  Analogous to kids in late December, anglers in this area will go to sleep on Friday with visions of lunkers and shore lunch dancing in their heads.  My job is to make those dreams come true.  In the mean time to facilitate those dreams, as a teaser, here is a photo of one of my recent fish cooking experiments.

popcorn walleye

I call it popcorn walleye.  I will admit, I didn’t invent this – I don’t think – but Karen, my most honest critic, is sure I perfected it.  In spite of the name, I wouldn’t even think of tossing back a few of these out of a bowl in the living room on “movie night” or while watching a playoff hockey game.  These walleye nuggets are great however as an appy or as a prime ingredient in walleye tacos.  My advice is do not leave a bowl like this unattended while cooking.  They will never reach the plate with the abundance of “quality control inspectors” who will materialize near your cooking station.   Personally, I guard this culinary product aggressively and usually with a weapon. 

Cut the walleye into tiny bite size pieces and coat with your favorite fish coating.  They fry up quickly and do not require a lot of oil.  Enjoy!

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