Shore Lunch Steak

Posted by on Wednesday, November 19, 2008 at 8:03 am

I thought I’d seen everything! While visiting some guests in the bush, I learned a new way to cook steak which puts my best efforts to shame. And I cook a mean steak already.

I call this steak “Shore Lunch Steak”. It is also known as “Caveman Steak” and “Dirty Steak”. Whatever the name, it is Great!

To prepare a steak worthy of the finest restaurant, you don’t need either a restaurant nor even a stove or BBQ.

Shore lunch Steak is done with the same tools as shore lunch fish.

Begin with some fine cuts of meat. Prime rib steak is rather tasty as is New York Strip. I’m sure any steak this side of an old shoe would work. Build a fire. Preferably in a fire pit. Season the meat with a little Montreal Steak Spice or other favorite seasoning. Get a black cast iron pan searing hot with a little olive oil in it and sear the steaks for a moment or two on each side.

Once seared, let your fire burn down to coals. You don’t want flames at this point. Just toss the steaks right onto the coals. Let the steaks cook on the coals for about 3 to 4 minutes and then flip. Cook another 3 to 4 minutes depending on the thickness and desired doneness. Amazingly, you will hardly need to flick off any charcoal from the steak before serving.

Add a little salad, potatoes, veggies or whatever else the sous chefs have prepared. Pour a glass of the fine wine you opened a half hour earlier (did I fail to mention the wine?)

A few walleye prepared fresh as a side dish makes this version of surf and turf an awesome meal.

Propose a toast to the joys of gourmet meals at Ignace Outposts.


ps. don’t forget to put out the fire – dead out! and I really prefer if you wish to do this, do it at shore lunch, away from the camp – bears love BBQ too!

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