Alphabet Soup

Posted by on Monday, November 24, 2014 at 9:24 am

This past week we attended the 87th NOTO (Nature & Outdoor Tourism Ontario) Convention in partnership with TNO (Tourism Northern Ontario) in Thunder Bay Ontario.  It was beneficial to network and learn from colleagues, presenters and other attendees.   By the time the 4 day event was over however, we were looking for some tomato sauce to go with the alphagetti.

The Northern Ontario Tourism Summit (NOTS) 2014 included information sessions with the MNRF, CTC, TIAO, TSSA, CBSA, OTMPC, NOHF, MTCS, MNDM.  Our industry did contribute as well with representatives from KDCA, NWOTA, NOSTA, PRTC, RTO 13A, B and C, and SSC.

I think we will stick with the easy to understand things we know such as Metionga and Seseganaga. The only acronym we worry about at Ignace Outposts is FISH!