Doing the “little” things

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Doing the “little” things is what sets Ignace Outposts apart from the rest of the pack.  Over our thirty years in Ignace we’ve done lots of “little” things.  In 2003 we had hunters on Hilltop Lake who upset their boat while returning to the cabin with their trophy moose on board.  The moose, the antlers, and much of their gear went to the bottom of the lake.  Fortunately, no one was hurt – a little cold and a little wet and a little hurt pride was the human outcome.  The fact that their trophy moose was now at the bottom of the lake made for a hunt to be remembered only by photos.

In June the following year (2004), Karen and Brad with another couple went to Hilltop with an underwater camera and searched for the submerged items.  We found them.  And about a week later, Brad and son Mike, along with two divers returned to retrieve the items including the trophy moose rack.   The hunters were astonished when we called them with the news that their chain saw, waders, knives, bow etc were recovered along with the 54 inch rack.  They drove from Madison to Ignace in record time to get their stuff.  The fact that we recovered the gear paled in comparison to the retrieval of the rack.

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