Camp job assignments

Posted by on Monday, March 9, 2015 at 7:06 am

Nothing makes an outpost trip more unbearable than a few doing all the work while others who may be used to 24-7 maid and butler service sit about and complain that their beverages are not cold. While at camp, it is best if everyone has assigned jobs. This part of the planning is usually fun and best done as a group before you arrive at the outpost. If not done as a group, it should still be done and assignments may then be required. When everybody knows who is on duty for a given job, there will be less friction when the ones not assigned are passed out on the dock. And if you want to cook every meal, let the others know. No need to sit in a pout when someone else is moping about the kitchen.
A Brad hint: sometimes the most enthusiastic volunteer isn’t necessarily the best choice for things like cleaning fish or BBQing.