10 Commandments

Posted by on Friday, April 9, 2010 at 7:32 am

I sure you’ve seen them before, tho’ not likely in a public place. 

Here are Ignace Outposts’ 10 commandments:


There’s just one God and He comes before fishing.

Don’t worship that trophy hanging on the wall. It’s dead.

Watch what you say when that 25 lb Seseganaga northern breaks your line, brand new rod and net – even if it is not your fault.

Take a day every week to rest and perhaps a week or so every year to fish at Ignace Outposts.

Take your Mom and/or Dad fishing – you know where.

No killing; practice catch and release, except for a few small ones to eat.

No fooling around with your buddy’s wife even if he is fishing at Metionga or other great Ignace lake without you.

No taking another man’s fillet knife when he’s not looking.

No telling fish tales or exaggerating about what you or anybody else caught on an Ignace Outpost fly-in. There is no need.

No wishing your boat mate’s tackle box was your own. There are lots of lures in his box that don’t work either.