10 ways you know you are an Ignace Outpost Fisherman

Posted by on Saturday, February 26, 2011 at 8:55 pm

1. The people who take your order by phone at Cabelas ask how the wife and kids are doing.

2. You don’t know your wife’s measurements, her clothes size, your kid’s birthdates, ages, anniversary dates, important phone numbers, or any other assorted numbers-related things in life….but you do know the details of every trophy fish you’ve ever caught.

3. You’ve ever used the words "Metionga, Seseganaga , big walleye and gut pail," in the same sentence.

4. You can fillet a walleye faster than you can change a baby.

5. You’ve cleverly scheduled all your kids’ birthdays to occur before or after fishing season.

6. You’ve ever had to have stitches in your butt because you sat on a treble hook;

7. Your three children are named Garcia, Shimano, and Berkley.

8. The local taxidermist calls you for advice.

9. Your wife and kids use the terms "trophy class", lunker and monster instead of BIG Fish!

10. You have picked your teeth with a fillet knife.