30th Ignace Outpost Trip

Posted by on Monday, September 8, 2008 at 8:43 am

Ed Pierce returning from trip # 30

Ed Peirce made his first trip to visit us in 1987. Today he returned from Metionga Lake completing his 30th fishing adventure with us. Since Ed averages about 500 walleye caught and released per week (and yes he does keep count) that translates into about 15,000 walleye over the years. When Ed brings in 4 lbs of leeches just for himself, it is not hard to imagine the number of fish he has caught.

I suppose by now he has the technique down pretty well.

Over the years Ed has tried Flindt Lake, Hilltop Lake, Kawaeogama Lake, Irene Lake and Metionga Lake. It seems Metionga Lake is the one he keeps coming back to.

For the first 8 years or so Ed would make a June trip and then a Labor day week trip. Over the last few years he found the fall fishing to be just as good if not better, with better temps and fewer bugs so now it is a 10 day fall trip only.

Ed’s first trip in 1987 at Metionga Lake. This is the old “burnt cabin” by the falls. This cabin has been replaced with a new modern cabin up the lake.

Whether it is trip number 30 or trip number 1, everyone is treated as we would like to be treated on vacation. Guests quickly become friends at Ignace Outposts.

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