4 Seasons in 4 days

Posted by on Saturday, May 23, 2015 at 7:04 am

Opening weekend is always an adventure!  For the first time I have a guest blogger to give a first hand account of “life in the great white north”.  And for those in that one big country in the world which does not use the metric system – 80 to 100 mm of rain is about 3 to 4 inches.

4 Seasons in 4 Days
For the past few springs I have taken a crew of buddies to an outpost for some work, beginning-of-season camp setup and of course fishing research.
This past May Long Weekend was a new experience. 4 seasons in 4 days!
Day 1 was a crisp Spring day. Overcast skies delayed our departure flight and the evening was cool despite the sun coming out.
Day 2 was a hot Summer day. Glassy waters, sunny skies and some sunburn.
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Day 3 was a cold, wet Fall day. Estimated 80-100 millimetres of rain, near freezing temps and high winds.
Day 4 was, well, a snowy Winter day. 2 inches of snow on the ground after blizzard-like wet snowfall for the majority of the day.
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As the snow day was not on the food schedule we had to catch “survival fish” for dinner. The blizzard slowed us down but didn’t shut us out.
Work was completed and fun was had; all wrapped up in a four-season adventure weekend trip.
Mike Greaves
Fifth Hammer Marketing Group
As we often say “if you don’t like our weather – stick around for a day, it will change!”