A blast from the past

Posted by on Wednesday, December 1, 2010 at 9:45 am

A few months ago, a guest of Ignace Airways from the 60’s sent us a copy of a brochure of Metionga Lake dated 1968.




Check out the rates.  $99.00 for 5 days.  Notice the weight restrictions even then.  We allow 100 lbs now and have considerably more in our cabins. 

What did other things cost in 1968? 

Cost of Living 1968

Year End Dow Jones Industrial Average 943
Average Cost of new house $14,950.00
Average Income per year $7,850.00
Average Monthly Rent $130.00
Gas per Gallon 34 cents
Average Cost of a new car $2,822.00
Movie Ticket$1.50
The Federal Hourly Minimum Wage $1.60 an hour

All things considered the rates are better today!  What a great deal!  And the fishing is even better with our catch and consume policies.  As the brochure says, “NO BETTER FISHING ANYWHERE”