A fall report from Metionga Lake

Posted by on Wednesday, October 29, 2008 at 8:04 am

Why shouldn’t your kids have the opportunity for a trophy fish too?

We operate our business with the idea that the fishing quality should be improving under our stewardship rather than the opposite. We encourage all large fish be returned to the lake to breed and that only smaller tastier fish are kept to eat. No trophies for the wall. Take a picture and release the fish.

Conservation has become the norm at many fly in outposts however we are proud to have been a leader in this practice for over twenty years.

Jim Pierce, a long time guest has fished many of our lakes.. actually most of our lakes. In September Jim was up with his brother and two friends to Metionga Lake. He sends this little report. Jim is a great proponent of our catch and consume policy.

Hello Brad,

Sorry it took so long to send in this year’s fishing report. It has been real busy since we got back. In 10 days of fishing on Metionga lake the first week of September we caught over 2500 walleyes with 4 people fishing, and had the best year in over 20 years for catching big walleyes. We figured that we caught over 1000 fish over 20 inches, and many of those between 22 and 26 inches long. That just goes to show you being one of the the first outfitters to start catch and release many years ago that has made all the difference in the quality of fishing we experienced this year. Between the great people, excellent running boats, and well equipped cabins we could not ask for a better fishing trip. We are already looking forward to next year. If you ever need a reference just have them call.

Thanks again Brad and Karen.


Jeff W on Metionga Lake in Sept 08.

Just one of many walleye.

Jeff W with a “eater”. This is the size for the pan.

As our government says.
“The future of fishing is in your hands”

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