A New Chapter

Posted by on Tuesday, August 26, 2008 at 7:25 am

Over the years our guests have become familiar with a smiling face in the aircraft, in the hangar or just around the yard. Marcel, our chief maintenance engineer for the aircraft, camp fixer-upper and pilot has been with our company since he was in high school. After many years with us Marcel is turning the page to a new chapter and moving his family to Manitoba next week. On Monday evening we had a little staff gathering to say our good byes. It was hard to be happy for Marcel and his family at the same time being sad he is leaving.

There certainly isn’t much Marcel couldn’t fix. We even made his name a verb by coining the phrase, “He Marced it”.

On behalf of the entire Ignace Outposts and Airways organization we would like to thank Marcel for his many contributions to our business as a pilot and maintenance manager over nearly 20 years. Since his days on the dock and continuing through his time spent in our aircraft and hangar, Marcel was a committed member of our team and community.

This is an opportunity that Marcel could not pass up and we are in full support of his decision to advance his career. We wish him, his wife Wendi and their family the best of luck in the future.”

All the BEST Marcel on your new venture!

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