Another anthropomorphism

Posted by on Thursday, June 7, 2012 at 6:40 am

If I don’t get some fishing photos soon from our guests, I’ll run out of these little gems.  Yesterday I posted the intro-duck-tory flight.  That was an anthropomorphism.  Here is another.
I wonder, did this hawk get his fishing licence on line or did he visit a licence issuer?  I have posted before that fishing licences are now available on line but if purchased that way, be sure to print the temporary licence not just the receipt.  The receipt is not a licence.  And don’t forget it at home.  It must be carried with you while fishing.
Karen was taking pictures of the ducks when the mother began paying a lot of attention to the sky.  Karen looked up and saw this hawk circling.   Imagining how tasty ducklings are to hawks, Karen was hoping the mother duck could defend her brood when the hawk folded back his wings and made a dive into the water pulling out this nice bass.  The hawk seemed a little over gross (good thing Transport Canada wasn’t around) and struggled to get the bass (which by the way appeared a little larger than the allowable 13 inches to keep) to join him for lunch.  The mother duck let out a sigh of relief and continued her flying lessons.