Posted by on Sunday, September 18, 2011 at 6:52 am

Those who follow this blog know that we operate our camps with a great emphasis on the experience over the filling of a limit.  We highly encourage Catch, Photo and Release (CPR) and you will seldom see fish on a stringer on this blog. 

These walleye make the anticipation of lunch look so good that I had to include it. 

seseganaga aug 2011 004

The walleye were invited to lunch and where headed to the frying pan.  We do enjoy fresh walleye ourselves.  Our policy is to only kill the fish you are going to eat.  Enjoy the resource but do have respect for the abundance of our fisheries. 

Lynn (above) enjoyed Bob`s cooking so much that not only is she inviting him back on her next trip, but he has no excuses at home anymore either.  Sorry Bob, but I guess one of the dangers of these trips is that some secret abilities are revealed.