Assigning the jobs

Posted by on Thursday, July 26, 2012 at 6:34 am

Every group should have some kind of leader.  This applies to groups a small as 2 right on up to the size of a country.  Determining a group leader can be as simple as marrying one, enduring a drawn out election every four years or as may happen when no one is happy , instigating a revolt.  How a group is lead is up the the group, but I do suggest the leader of the pack looks back once in a while to see if anyone is still behind him.

In camp, assigning jobs is vital to the moral and happiness of the group.  Having everyone standing around wondering who is going to do what usually ends up in some things not getting done and more than a few pointing fingers and blame to spare.

One of the the jobs that needs “a volunteer assigned” is fish offal disposal.  In the event you haven’t heard that term before, offal is a nice way of saying fish guts.  Once fish are filleted, it is good camp practise as well as smart critter control (read bear avoidance) to empty the fish offal bucket across the bay or lake for the animals to consume away from camp.  Smelly fish remains can attract a host of undesirable visitors. 


Putting the offal up on shore ensure that nature’s garbage cleaners have a good chance at removing every trace.  Burying it or dumping it in the lake produces many unwanted consequences.