Bad Hair Day

Posted by on Monday, May 16, 2011 at 9:00 am


Karen captured this young cow moose on film while driving to Dryden last weekend.  Looks like she just got up when in fact she is beginning to shed her winter coat.  In a month or so she will be a shiny near black and well coiffed for summer. 

This cow was along side the road just out side Ignace.   In the daylight they are fun to see and photograph.  In the night they are almost invisible against the dark so utmost caution must be taken while driving.  Be alert.  Always scan the road on both sides and watch for movement or glimmers of light reflecting from their eyes.  You wouldn’t want to hit a moose.  It could ruin your vacation.

It is usually the moose you don’t see that are the dangerous ones on the road.