Posted by on Thursday, February 18, 2010 at 11:47 pm

I must admit this is a novel way to scare bears (bares). Bear with me, every word is true; then you can decide if you wish to also bare with me.

One of the privileges of vacationing at a remote outpost is the ability to wear as much or as little clothing as your companions will tolerate. Without naming names, gender or location one of our guests took advantage of the opportunity to take a bare walk from the cabin to the sauna. This bare guest stepped on to the deck and when the door slammed shut encountered an uncommon visitor in the guise of a very curious and bare black bear. Without taking time for introductions, the bare guest left the vicinity of the bear guest and tried valiantly to create another entrance to the cabin through the wall. The bare’s cohorts, who were also preparing for the sauna, could barely keep straight faces as bare 1 babbled about bear 2. Meanwhile and barely containing his laughter, the bare black bear left the scene, presumably to tell his fellow bears about his bare encounter.

Eventually, with a few “high fives” and likely a little liquid fortification the human bares gathered enough courage to venture uneventfully and bare past the bear spot to the sauna.

The moral of this story is, when exercising the privilege of remoteness regarding attire, feel free, but remember your friends, bare or not, may barely remember their experience of your fishing prowess but will forever have vivid visualizations of the seldom seen bare-bear-bare dance.


Barely able to control his laughter.

I’m sorry I have not posted a picture of the other bare but then again, maybe I’d have to apologize to you if I did.